Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blending Influences

Ok I am just going to go ahead and say that this song is the perfect score for any city, mode of transport or dwelling of any sort. I think that is due to its blend of influences - Avishai Cohen is a total badass double bass player who hails from Israel, but played with Chick Corea and you can clearly hear a kind of sound that is somewhat Eastern European/Middle Eastern/and yet standard jazz rhythms and feelings are present too. Oddly, it reminds me of holidays in December, while at the same time evoking a sense of mystery and rapture at life. I listened to this song on trains in Spain, and planes across that continent as I was headed to the MIddle East, and as I walked the streets I could always feel it echoing my experience. When I was travelling a lot, it always fit. But even now when I am back in the States and not on the go every second, this song manages to move me every time. I hope someday he gets to compose a score for a film, since his music is just naturally so cinematic and reflects life so magically. Enjoy this one!