Sunday, November 14, 2010

Songs About Wind

Hi guys,

SO I love the wind, and had this idea that I would compile a few songs together that are about just that! Just played a show with Ruthann Friedman and a couple other folks I like so much (Redeye, Fort King) at a most coolest place ever HM 157. I love Ruthann and this song is really really rad, especially her version. I mean, we've all heard The Association sing it....And the rest are some other songs about the wind that I think might be nice. I am from the Windy City so it's only appropriate.

PS The Bob Segar one down below is a link to a great live performance....there was no embed code but check it out it's grrrrreat

Haroula Rose



NINE SIMONE "WIld Is The Wind"

VASHTI BUNYAN "Come Wind Come Rain"

BOB SEGAR "Against The Wind"

JULIE MILLER "Ride The Wind" (cover)

Found a beautiful, raw cover of this song that I love....

MUMFORD & SONS "Winter Winds"