Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just Walk Away Renee

Mike Brown of the Left Banke began writing this when he was 16 years old. Its tone, their vocal harmonies, and the instrumentation make my eyes well up. Not actually cry, but the feeling you get just before you cry. In Greek there is a word for this feeling, which always amazes me about the specificity of language. How adorable are they in this live performance?? I adore his tapping right hand on the thigh thing.

And when I see the sign that
points one way
The lot we used to pass by
every day

Just walk away Renee,
You won't see me follow you back home
The empty sidewalks on my
block are not the same
You're not to blame

From deep inside the tears that
I'm forced to cry
From deep inside the pain I
I chose to hide

Now as the rain beats down
upon my weary eyes
For me it cries



Your name and mine inside
a heart upon a wall
Still finds a way to haunt me,
though they're so small